Maller Wealth Advisors Is Delighted to Support Montannah’s Climb for EMDR Research and Awareness


Updated April 5, 2018

We are so pleased to share the news of Montannah’s successful climb of Mt. Kilimanjara and new world record! By completed this feat at the age of just 7 years old, she is now the youngest female to have completed the climb. We are so proud of Montannah!

Youngest Female to Summit Mt. Kilimanjaro (7 year old Montannah Kenney)

7 Year old: Youngest female to ever summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. Montannah Kenney

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Maller Wealth Advisors is delighted to support Montannah’s Climb for EMDR research and awareness. At the age of 7, Montannah is setting out to break the world record for the youngest female to ever climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in March of this year. The funds raised will be donated to EMDR research and funding for those who cannot afford the therapy..

Montannah lost her father 7 days after her third birthday. Her father struggled with PTSD and was starting EMDR therapy, but was stressed over the costs involved. Montannah hopes to use this world record attempt (and hopefully accomplishment) as a means of raising awareness for this therapy for those struggling with PTSD, and to help cover some of their therapy costs.

We are proud to support Montannah in her world record attempt, and wish her success!

Montannah's Climb; Photo Credit: Hollie Kenney